I’m a twin Mum. I happen to be quite fond of my little 1 year old monsters…and I also happen to love Prosecco too.

Learning new things has always been something I like to do, which is pretty damned lucky given that I don’t have a clue when it comes to raising children. Fingers crossed I don’t mess them up too badly. When I get it right I give myself a high-five and when I get it wrong it goes on here.

Pre-children I was an Events Manager who specialised in Weddings. This means I should be well equiped to deal with little divas having hissy fits regarding some trivial element of their day….only now there are two of them.

When I was little I wanted to work in Advertising when I grew up. So I did a Media degree. The only reason for mentioning this is to explain why all of my blog posts reference TV/Movies/Ads from the 80’s, but the real reason is that I like trashy telly.

This blog is for me to share our little adventures from around Brighton and probably make you feel a whole lot better about your own parenting skills.

You’re welcome.

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