Welcome to twintown

twintown is a website designed to make life as a parent of twins in Brighton a little bit easier. Created by a Mum of twins who learnt first-hand that some places are ideal for multiple babies and children, and some make life far trickier than it really needs to be. From baby & toddler groups that don’t charge you twice ‘Buy one, get one free!’ to cafes that have more than one highchair ‘You’ve got your hands full.’ This is your guide of stuff to do with your ‘double trouble’ in and around Brighton & Hove.

Even if you don’t have twins, it’s still a great resource for places to go, toddler activities to try and exercise groups to take your little one along to. Pop back every month as new things will be added and amended. If you have come across a gem of a class/soft play/cafe that you think should be included please email: twintownmum@gmail.com or tweet: @twintownmum We’re always looking for new places to suss out.

In addition to the guide you’ll also find the twintown blog – a tongue-in-cheek blog that documents the joy of raising twins whilst trying (but failing) to appear in control at all times. It’ll probably make you feel quite good about your own parenting skills…especially if you haven’t made the notorious swim nappy mistake.